This should've been posted right before Hempfest, but oh well. Blame it on all those joints I didn't smoke.

What we have here is the title track from Get Stoned Ezy*, a 1982 LP that bypassed all but the most highly attuned collector-scum demographic. I can't fucking believe it, but even Mike Nipper hasn't heard it. High Speed and the Afflicted Man—led by guitarist/vocalist Steve Hall—were an English trio who stormed into turbid psych and punk realms inhabited by heavy mofos like the Stooges, Human Instinct, Musica Transonic, Jimi Hendrix Experience, and Electric Eels. On the album's three songs, Hall sings with agitated crankiness out the side of his mouth à la Stack Waddy's John Knail, as he struggles to be heard amid the over-driven, vomiting-in-tongues guitar and bass.

BSE (TW) honors could've gone to any of the album's three tracks, but we're running with "Get Stoned Ezy," because it's fun to say and write... and it's the shortest thing on the disc. You probably don't have patience for 12- and 14-minute songs on a Friday afternoon. The main riff on "Get Stoned Ezy" feels like a repurposed move from an early Pretty Things tune or something, but smothered in fuzz and ignited by powerhouse, alpha-male drumming. Listen a few times and it just commandeers your brain and becomes your god-damn anthem for the next several hours. This is filthy gold. Profuse thanks to Guerssen for rescuing Get Stoned Ezy from oblivion.

*Guerssen Records reissued it on CD in July; it's distributed in the US by Forced Exposure.