*Death Cab for Cutie has cancelled their Bumbershoot Transatlanticism set for Sunday. Ben Gibbard is running across the Sahara Desert and won’t be back in time. So Don, from Sitka, Alaska will be playing instead, with his 10 string guitar. It’s been a while since he’s played, and he said he only really knows two chords, but he thinks by Sunday, he should be able to play at least a couple of
38 Special covers.

Kindly Demon
  • Kindly Demon

Don flies silent out of the Sitka shadows, a kindly demon, a gunslinger in the night. All the sudden, he’s there. Don. With blood on his chest. He’ll tell you about his 10 String guitar that he won in a card game, and he’ll produce it quickly if you want to see it. At first, it appears he has a B.C. Rich Bich 10 Supreme, but with an F on the headstock instead of an R. He’ll also tell you he thinks it came from Korea. Don says for Bumbershoot, his friend Wade is going to be playing drums. I’m looking forward to their set.

(* Death Cab has not actually cancelled. Don will not be playing at Key Arena. Death Cab will be playing their scheduled set.)

Gunslinger in the night
  • Gunslinger in the night

10 Strings!
  • 10 Strings!