Elissa and Tatiana.
  • Travis Ritter
  • Elissa and Tatiana.
(20/20 Cycle) Often found performing at DIY spaces rather than at open-mic coffee shops or slam-poetry nights, Elissa Ball goes the Patti Smith route with her live shows, usually pairing her readings with a rock drummer. Her work comes off as more of a minimal punk band minus guitars: The combination of shouts and whispers emphasize her sincerity, and her largely feminist-centric pieces range from hilarity to heartbreak, from political to personal.

She will be doing a few poems from her first book, The Punks Are Writing Love Songs, but will mostly be presenting new unreleased work and hinting at possible plans to incorporate electronic-music elements into her shows. Her stylized performances are unique presentations of what poetry can be, the energetic punk aesthetic a welcome addition to an oft-dismissed art. With LAKE, Your Heart Breaks.