(Chop Suey) What better thing to do on Halloween than to go see devilish hardcore, errr, "splattercore," band the Accüsed? (The band themselves coined the term splattercore or "splatter rock" after writing songs in homage to their favorite horror-film genre—inventing a vengeful, feminist, mohawked lady zombie mascot named Martha Splatterhead, who came back from the dead to murder rapists and child molesters.) This was all in the early '80s—when people still, uh, "moshed." Formed in Oak Harbor, Washington, in 1981, the band has seen a gazillion lineup changes. This special Halloween show will feature founding member and original guitarist Tommy Niemeyer, joining drummer Josh Sinder, and former vocalist Brad Mowen. Let's hope Martha and her mighty mohawk will be there, too. With Millhous and Triple Sixes.