• In the Red Records
TV Ghost's rich, fulsome brand of darkwave nods to recent practitioners like Soft Moon and Girls Names, but front man Tim Gick brings a more emotive vocal style to the swirling morass. In that sense, they remind me of Echo and the Bunnymen.

Rather than Oakland, Belfast, or Liverpool, however, the quintet (Gick, Tristan Ivas, Jackson VanHorn, Brahne Hoeft, and Jimmy Frezza) hails from the unlikely environs of Lafayette, IN. Then again, I've never been there, so maybe times have gotten pretty grim in the Hoosier State.

To quote In the Red's amusingly pessimistic press notes circa TV Ghost's 2009 debut, Cold Fish, the group "usher in a vile and squalid new disposition to ugly art punk, and have carved out a black hole of pestilence that will delight its sufferers to no end." Well hell, count me in! See below for the more kosmische "Elevator."

Disconnect is out now on In the Red (orig release date: Sept 13). TV Ghost plays Chop Suey with Holograms and Atomic Bride on Dec 14. $10 adv/$12 door, 21+