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Friday, December 13, 2013

The Homosexual Addenda!

Posted by on Fri, Dec 13, 2013 at 1:01 PM

  • EmpeROAR

Huloooooomosexuals! Once again we find ourselves glutted with so many fandabulous flippin’ very gay happenings that it was quite impossible to stuff them all into The Homosexual Agenda. (I even tried greasing the sides!) So, here’s a little smattering of overflow—an early Xmess gift from lol’ ole me to lil’ ole everybody:

FRIDAY Dec. 13th

I saw Dina Martina last night for the first time in three years (although I’ve been reviewing her consistently since at least the dawn of time), and it seems she's added this "drunken auntie" element to her character that I completely adore and adds so very much. In her long history, Dina has, surprisingly, made some odd missteps, and not every show has been a jewel. (Crazy, I know!) The last time I took in her Christmas show, I was worried that it had become such a tight, clean, and deftly crafted confection that it had lost a certain whimsical sparkle and mad spontaneity crucial to good Dina. But last night was Dina at the best I’ve seen her in maybe ever, and it was an incredible experience that brought me (and the packed packed packed OH MY GAWD THIS FIRETRAP WILL KILL US ALL! house) buckets of joy. I wish I could wrap her up and bring the show to all my loved ones as the perfect xmess gift. I really do! She’s hit a strong stride, and I’m thrilled. In a word: SEE IT. ReBar’s Place, 8pm, $20 ADV/$25 DOS, 21+.

SATURDAY Dec. 14th

The Seattle Red Dress Party is so fun it’s SICKENING, as the kids do say, and it’s all because of Sinfinate Events. And just whom the hell is Sinfinite Events, you ask? Well. Sinfinite is Arden Turnbull and Jimmy Scarpello who not only throw that massive red-dressy drunkfest each year but several other high octane extravaganzas—each of them quirky and fun. This new event is definitely the quirkiest of them all—a “Holiday Drive” benefiting our beloved Orion Center, the very GLBT-centric Social Outreach Seattle, and even PAWS! The concept: Stop by and test drive a Fiat (crazy, I know!) this Saturday at the pop-up location they’ve set up on Melrose and Pine and Fiat of Southcenter will donate $25 in your name to one of the above mentioned charities and clean some of that mud off your karma. If your karma is REALLY bad (no judgment here), they will also be collecting a variety of gifts for YouthCare, which will go to folks 12-24, most of whom identify as GLBT. Drive a new car and do a little good in the world! What a concept. Corner of Melrose and Pine, 12PM-5PM, free, driving age.

SATURDAY Dec. 14th (Later…)

When I reported recently that Sylvia O’Stayformore was giving up her drag brunch to pursue a career in Tupperware (no kidding!), I hope I didn’t scare you and give into thinking that she was giving everything up for good. Our old friend Bacon Strip, for one, is still kicking, although it has gone through more transformations than a drag queen with ADHD. If you wonder why you haven’t seen it around lately, that’s because it’s hiding allll the way down in Theatre Off Jackson, and tonight brings us their big holiday show, Twelve Strips of Bacon, featuring all of our old friends: Kerry and James (who will get naked as the law allows), Cherry Sur Bete, Donatella Howe, Otter Pop, Jackie Hell (my fave), and more! So, don your way too gay apparel (DON IT!) and get thee to the Bacon. Theater Off Jackson, 10PM, $10, 21+.

SUNDAY Dec. 15th

The EmpeROAR Fabulous is quite a character—a genderfucking queerpunk, boylesquer and emcee that most recently was bestowed the coveted title of Seattle’s Biggest Ho by Wendy Ho herself. Tonight he’s taking a crack at his own holiday offering, a “holly jolly swing, carousing carols, and original refrains cut with bellylaughs and banter” featuring special guests, Caela Bailey (of "Blurred Lines") and Holly Small (Werebearcat, The Tasty Crackers) and backed by the jazz trio Mike Catts, Davy Nefos, and Joey Walbaum. He’s only giving us two shows this time out, and we’ve already missed one (which was last Thursday), so really, this is your last chance! The Can Can, 7.30PM, $12 ADV/$15DOS, 21+.


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