• Sign of quality
Fullerton, CA's Burger Records has had a good year filled with strong releases from the Burnt Ones and Dead Ghosts, welcome reissues from old friends like King Tuff, pet-friendly charity projects, and a fun Caravan of Stars Tour with the Growlers and Gap Dream (on whom KEXP has been showering a lot of love).

And now, to thank you for your support and/or to introduce you to their irreverent breed of garage rock, they present a 75-track holiday mix that didn't make my teeth hurt. Well, not much, at any rate, and I enjoy Christmas music as much as Mike Nipper and Dave Segal, i.e. it drives me up the fucking wall. And every year, it becomes harder to bear, but there's some good stuff here, particularly the tracks by the Three O'Clock ("Regina Caeli") and Shannon and the Clams ("Fat Daddy"). Also, a Marshmallow Overcoat sighting (remember them?) by way of "Santa Fuzz."

Burger's January 2014 slate includes new and old releases from Chain and the Gang, the Circle Jerks, Frankie Rose, Outrageous Cherry, and the Three O'Clock.