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Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Homosexual Agenda: Valentine's Madness!

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Fucking Valentine's Day. I mean really. Again? Is this some kind of sick joke or something? Oh, life thinks it's just HILARIOUS. Doesn't it?

Well. Let's just rip off the Band-Aid.

If I have not been quite clear on the matter, I think Central Cinema is pretty damn swell—but damn swell enough to take the edge off this bullshit Hallmark-stinking excuse for a holiday? Yes, I suppose it's even as damn swell as all that. They really break it all out for Valentine's Day, let me tell you, with their Dream Date Sing-Along—their signature V-Day do. And this year? They are gaying the hell out of it good and proper by focusing on sexy, sexy HUNKS. Here's how it works: Jason Miller, Central Cinema's program director and occasional MC, hilariously hosts a seamless montage of music videos old and new featuring, for example, George Michael in his hot and denim-clad ass-wiggly phase (à la "Father Figure" and/or "Faith"), Justin Timberlake with his shirt off in the rain, boy-band ballads, love songs, that Bruno guy with the sexy 'fro, even that little Bieber turd-burglar we're all trying to get shipped back to Canada, and so forth.

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