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Friday, February 21, 2014

#Based Friday: Download Lil B's First Mixtape of 2014 Basedworld Paradise

Posted by on Fri, Feb 21, 2014 at 9:07 AM

Less than two months after putting out his 101-track 05 Fuck Em mixtape, Berkley rapper/philosopher/spoken-word artist Lil B "The BasedGod" is back with his first effort of 2014, a 31-song project called Basedworld Paradise. The first noticeable thing about it — that Kanye West-ripoff cover art — is typical #based frivolity, but the second — the album's surprisingly clean and polished production quality — is unexpected but welcome after years of lo-fi home-studio recording. The first track "I'm Tupac" features a hauntingly nostalgic beat by local producer and longtime collaborator Keyboard Kid, whose stuff with B has sounded increasingly diverse as of late (see here and here for starters). Other highlights include the title track, in which The BasedGod reclaims Pusha T's #based/cloud aesthetic-jacking "King Push" beat, the swagged-out prostitute ode "Peter Pan," the MLK/Gandhi-like levels of forgiveness on "I Don't Hate You," the way-too-short "Stab You When You Dead," the extremely weird but aptly titled "Castles and Dragons," and "Appreciate You," on which he gives a shout out to the currently tumultuous country of Venezuela over a Marvin Gaye-sampling G-Unit beat.

Download the whole mixtape here, and watch the video for the aforementioned "I'm Tupac" below.


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