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Move to Bremerton, We’ll Hang Out


I was 16-years-old in 1996 when MXPX’s hit “Move to Bremerton” was released. I had a big crush on the band’s frontman Mike Herrera. I was playing bass with dreams of being in a pop-punk band, and I wished on every star in the sky that I could be that “short-haired girl with a pretty smile” Mike was singing to in the song (even though I had sorta longer hair and a goofy smile)”¦ back then I really did want to move to Bremerton. It seemed like a good place to be! Oh to be 16…

Now, 10-years after the trio’s big hit, “Move to Bremerton” is making waves again as MXPX teams up with the city in an effort to “promote Bremerton.”ť Not only has the band given the city permission to use their song as a promotional tool (for “Save Bremerton” commercials, perhaps?), but MXPX is also headlining a show on the 16th at the Admiral Theater in an effort to draw youth over to the other side of the Sound. To thank the men for their Bremerton-lovin’ attitude, the city’s mayor, Cary Bozeman, will present the band with a key to the city that same afternoon.

I’m totally not making this up. Here’s an excerpt from the weird the press release sent to the office today:

City revitalization efforts usually concentrate on bringing baby boomers—as business owners, residents, and tourists—downtown.

But Bremerton Mayor Cary Bozeman thinks they’re missing a key ingredient for a sustainable city—youth.

That’s why Bremerton is teaming up with punk band MXPX to promote Bremerton. MXPX is holding a concert in Bremerton on September 16 at 6pm, and has agreed to let the city use its song, “Move to Bremerton”ť as a promotion tool.

Bozeman is happy to report that the city’s revitalization efforts are working and businesses are opening downtown and condos are selling, but he also wants to “get on the radar of the younger generation that Bremerton is a great place to live with things to do.”

MXPX will get that message out with a 10-year-old song? Is this weird to anyone else?

To buy tickets for the September 16th show, call (360) 373-6743 or visit www.admiraltheatre.org. The Divorce, Tysen, and Ruxton Towers also play. To learn more about the city of Bremerton, visit www.ci.bremerton.wa.us.

If you do decide to head over, stop at Kate’s Jersey Subs. Their eggplant parmesan sandwich is really messy, but pretty good.

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A small move, but I think a good one.

Many a night I spent in Bremerton during the early nineties. It was an odd place and a much needed respite from the grunge hysteria in Seattle.

The strange locals were open to most everything. We'd watch Sun Ra videos, have 70s themed parties, drink mushroom tea, cruise in Dodge darts, trade books on microtonal improvizations.

My experiences are mostly indebted to two visionary guys who I believe spearheaded this cultural revival. One has since passed and the other, god knows.

I haven't been back in awhile, but my interest might be renewed, if only to have a cup of coffee at one particular diner. It served as the setting for one act play I wrote. Unfortunately, I couldn't even convince the open minded Bremertonian individuals to participate.

Oh well. Life is the stage. Slogging through it suffices.

Posted by BiBBLE | September 8, 2006 8:08 AM

this is bizarre, but makes total sense. now im going to have this song stuck in my head all day :(

Posted by alithea | September 8, 2006 10:32 AM

I'm a Bremerton resident and looking forward to the show. I think the last time I didn't have to jump the pond to see a decent show was back in 1999 or 2000 when EndFest was still held at the Fairgrounds. Speaking of EndFest, that is where I first saw MxPx some years ago.

Bremerton's come a long way since the day where everyone downtown looked suspect. Now you can walk around and not worry that some one is gonna mug you. Hopefully the show will inspire more youthful events and venues.

Posted by Jessie | September 11, 2006 1:15 PM

This does not seem strange at all. These guys believe in Bremerton and I think it is great! As for using a ten year old song, songs much older are used in commercials every day. What other song can promote Bremerton better than a song that was written about this great city by a group of people that love Bremerton!

Posted by Jennifer | September 12, 2006 4:16 PM

Think whatever you like... it's not strange to me at all.
Bremerton is a great place. And it's getting better.
When some young punks actually make something of themselves, stay true to their roots, and are proud of their hometown... it's a great thing.
What's even better is getting a key to the city when you have a body full of tattoos.
Sorry you're over MxPx... but many of us still love them and their music.
Yaknow there's nothing wrong with holding onto those memories of your youth. You can still listen to those bands you used to love (and dream about). We wont tell your ultra hip friends that you still like MxPx.

Posted by Filthy Rich | September 14, 2006 8:09 PM

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