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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Clipse Dine at Oceanaire

posted by on March 20 at 14:38 PM


Here’s the kick-off of our new weekly feature, “Exit Interview,” in which we talk to a touring artist about the time they spent in Seattle.

I spoke with Pusha-T of Clipse last Wednesday as he rolled down I-5 with the rest of the crew on the way to their next gig. Read the interview after the jump.

The Stranger: You guys killed it here last night. Have you guys done two nights in any other cities besides Seattle? You playing smaller venues?

Pusha: It definitely did, man, Seattle was great man, both nights. We did Seattle two nights, and we did Boston. I think they held about 600.

Nice and intimate.

For sure, those are the shows that we like to do, man.

Did you cruise around the city at all while you were here?

I didnít get a chance to cruise around the city but I definitely made my way through the little shopping district I was staying at. I was staying at the Paramount Hotel--that means I was over there by P.F. Changís, by the Nordstromís, Cheesecake Factory. I went to Oceanaire.

Downtown, basically. What did you think of the city?

I love the city. I love the look of the city, looks like you guys are doing a helluvalot of building, just aesthetically it looks really good. Itís a great downtown area. I can only speak from where I was. But the downtown is really great.

I hope you guys got to check out that place Goods over there on Pike Street.

No, I didnít. I got a two-way the day before my last night there but with press and everything we didnít get a chance to go check out it. They got exclusive hoodies, right? I heard about that man, Iím pissed. I wish I woulda known about that the first two days I was there.

So now it's down the coast to San Francisco. Sounds like a nice little tour.

This whole west coast run is gonna be pretty amazing, I think. Seattle was first, weíre gonna take it down to san Francisco, go to san jose and then were gonna take it to la, go down to san diego, bring it back up to Anaheim, nd then from Anaheim were on our way to Austin.

Keeping you busy, huh?

For sure man, thatís what its about. Connect with the fans.

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It's the Oceanaire.

Really Zwickel, fish in a barrel over here.

Posted by eensy | March 20, 2007 3:30 PM

rumor had it that they went in and cleaned up at oods when they were here for the baltic room show a month or so back. maybe that was just propoganda......

Posted by ac | March 20, 2007 3:34 PM

goddamm, someone get this man a spellcheck, a wikipedia, a phone book, and a copy editor.

Posted by jz | March 20, 2007 3:45 PM

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