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Wednesday, April 4, 2007


posted by on April 4 at 14:59 PM


Yes, Band of the Week 1-2-1-2 is all about the sleaze and the sex and making people dance.

“But we donít wanna be like every other dance band,” says keyboardist Mason Dyer. “We wanna keep it a little more interesting.” To that effect, Dyer and drummer Andrew Frank and bassist Christo Orozco switch instruments mid-set, throwing off their routine and adding a dose of unpredictability to their Rapture-inspired dance rock. “I love fucking four-on-the-floor disco beats—I can’t get enough. We have that. We try to be weird enough with that beat behind it.”

The band’s been together for about seven months, playing mostly house parties and lofts, but they’re picking up momentum as we speak. This weekend they’ve got a slot at the Comet opening for Triumph of Lethargy; next week they’re at 1412 Gallery; in May the play Easy Street After Hours.

“They want us to get an EP together to sell in the store, so it’s forcing us to step it up,” Dyer says. “All we have is our demo but nothing packaged professionally. But we’re planning to have the EP by May.”

The few tracks available on 1-2-1-2’s band page pulse with the dance beats Dyer says he loves so much, rippled with electro bass lines and cranked up tight and wiry with a swoosh of psychedelic keyboard flourish. It’s the kind of stuff that just might make you wanna get up, get loose, and feel good about being bad.

“Our whole thing is trying to have that dirty sleaziness,” Dyer says. “We’re just sexy anyway.”

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