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Monday, April 2, 2007

Repeal the TDO! Oh Wait, We Did…

posted by on April 2 at 10:30 AM

Five years ago this week, The Stranger and the city’s all-ages music supporters were in the midst of a long (but ultimately victorious) battle against the Teen Dance Ordinance, the Long Winters’ The Worst You Can Do Is Harm was the best-selling Northwest record at local record stores, and Unwound played the Theater Off Jackson.

Even more notably, though, The Stranger didn’t have a music editor.

From our March 28, 2002 issue:

In late February, Jeff DeRoche announced that he was leaving The Stranger in mid-March. A short time after this announcement, Jennifer Maerz, our new music editor, was hired. But there was a problem: Maerz could not start until the end of March. In a word, there was a gap—an empty space between the outgoing editor and the incoming editor.

It was John F. Kennedy who once explained that the Chinese character for the word “crisis” also represents the word “opportunity.” As The Stranger’s books editor, I have decided to utilize this presidential wisdom, and turn a negative into a positive by filling this week’s unattended music section with reviews of books about music. The reviews are written by our music critics (a contingent of the staff I was surprised could actually read), and so ultimately revolve around the problems of music journalism. Or, to put it another way, the music writers are writing about writers who write about music. —Charles Mudede

So now, instead of watching those Journey videos on YouTube for the 200th time, spend your Monday morning revisiting what happened to The Stranger’s music section five years ago when then-books-editor Charles Mudede was left to man the ship before Jennifer Maerz swooped in to save the day:


Love Hurts: An Interview with Everett True by Jeff DeRoche.

Revelations: Mason Betha Is a Better Rapper than Ma$e by Brian Goedde.

California Screaming: L.A. Punk Redux by Nate Lippens.

American Cash: Reading the Ring of Fire by Kathleen Wilson.

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i miss jennifer maerz and kathleen wilson. the end.

Posted by alithea | April 2, 2007 12:27 PM

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