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Friday, May 18, 2007

Best Song Ever (This Week): “Jason’s Basement” by the Gossip

posted by on May 18 at 15:47 PM

“Jason’s Basement” is exactly two minutes long in its recorded form off of Movement. I have to post this YouTube video of the song being played in Dublin because it is near impossible to get in touch with people from KRS in order to get permission to post recorded material, and we don’t want to get our pants sued. Sorry, dudes!

Anyhow, “Jason’t Basement” is arguably the best song the Gossip have recorded yet. Beth Ditto is singing in her best way–-girl is wailing but she’s not just screaming, she’s still singing. For a song about not being shy on the dance floor, it sure is powerful.

Brace Pain’s guitar is super dancy low-end stuff, throwing in the occasional feedback, as he usually does. This song is totally perfect for gettin’ your Jimmies out. Fuck, I wanna blast it right now in the office and dance around and get my brain working again and just WORK THAT SHIT OUT, but my officemates probably wouldn’t appreciate that.

Oh well.

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