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I like Trent Moorman.

Posted by connor | May 9, 2007 11:12 AM

cool- you should do a whole section on stuff from the tour.

Posted by Graig Markel | May 9, 2007 4:45 PM

Uh, holy shit. That is kind of intense. Society of people falling forever. 3 weeks on the road. Dude, what would you come up with if you were on the road for 3 months?

Posted by gerald | May 9, 2007 5:21 PM

Just read it again.

Double holy shit. Godamn.

Posted by gerald | May 9, 2007 5:28 PM

Lots of driving. I can relate. We just drove nearly 5,000 miles in 12 days. Even when you stop driving you still feel like you are moving. I think that is your brain trying to catch up to your body (or maybe it is the other way around) after traveling 80 mph down the highway for hours on end. Looks like you've found lots of time to write, Trent! Hope you don't actually encounter any killer lightning bugs out there!

Posted by z. | May 9, 2007 6:12 PM

wow. that's talent. drums, words, heart, and all while your flesh adapts to the long stretches of endless mindnumbing road. impressive, let's admit it.

Posted by spanklett | May 9, 2007 7:42 PM

ladies and gentleman, my friend- TRENT MOORMAN. Very inspiring, T...
Your best yet. It was cool to hear you talk about this before it was posted.


Posted by marlon | May 10, 2007 12:22 AM

T-Stack, you are the Walt Whitman of indie rock.

Posted by bosch | May 10, 2007 8:56 AM

All that road and no cozy is getting to our seer from Athens. The lack of base energy output is enabling Trent to channel the Chokras. Lay off the spinich.

Posted by knasty | May 10, 2007 10:34 AM

You are too damn talented for your own good..glad to call you friend!

Posted by LuLu | May 10, 2007 11:58 AM

Turning to poetry is obviously a cry for help. Dave, what the hell are you doing to this man?

Posted by scharrera | May 10, 2007 1:21 PM

t-ball, upon return you need to book a cabin on a freighter bound for sulawesi and write your novel.

Posted by dt | May 10, 2007 3:42 PM

Triple holy shit. This is amazing.

Posted by kev | May 11, 2007 2:43 AM

Mighty mighty nice. Where is this place? Count me in.

Posted by gunner | May 12, 2007 9:11 AM

Trent, this is really cool. Someone forwarded it to me. It's printing out right now. This needs to published and done up. Maybe illustrated?

Posted by readerreader | May 12, 2007 12:00 PM

Living while falling. Uh, could you explain that again?

Posted by pleasy | May 12, 2007 4:53 PM

for some reason i like this very much. thank you, trent. it is highly thinkable.

Posted by uh | May 13, 2007 11:10 AM

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