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Friday, June 8, 2007

“Make the White Guy Do Most of the Driving”

posted by on June 8 at 15:40 PM

Lifesavas Jumbo the Garbageman gets a written warning from Florida Highway Patrol.

Saturday, May 26 - Washington, DC

Another great perk of travelling across the country comes when you get to reunite with people who you came up with. Lifesavas and Black Anger both come from the same true school generation of Pacific Northwest hiphop artists. In fact, the groups played on the same bill, along with Source Of Labor and Silent Lambs Project, back in 2000 at the Paradox as a farewell to Black Anger members Kindu and Sayeed moving back to Virginia.

Du and Sayeed made the four-hour round-trip from Richmond to catch the show, which served as a reunion of sorts. The brothers who together as Bedroom Produksionz notched the classic singles “S.E.L.F” and “Non-Fiction” have taken a break from music and focused on their respective families and community-building.

Though Sayeed’s kids stayed home, Du brought his son, who seemed to have fun. By the end of the night he slept in his dad’s arms after a long night of hip-hop. We gave our farewells and headed out to the telly for a minimal four hours of sleep before a 10-hour drive to Atlanta.

Thursday, May 31 - drive day to New Orleans from Gainesville, FL

While touring, speeding tickets are inevitable: racing to the next city to get to soundcheck on time, or just mashing for the sake of it. With no show today, Jumbo chose the latter during his turn, putting the pedal to the metal. Sure enough 5-0 sprung out of the median in pursuit--except for whatever reason he didn't pull us over yet, just shadowed us for a few miles. And then finally found an excuse, with our car not giving enough room behind the semi-truck in front of us.

A few ground rules for any touring artist to obey:

1. Don't go faster than eight mph over the speed limit. It seems simple, but resist the urge to push it. The sound man at the venue expects you to show up late anyways.

2. If you do pass a cop, don't hit the brakes or maneuver like you broke a law. Even if you did.

3. Have a designated stash spot for weed. Even if you don't smoke, chances are the pothead in the crew isn't smart enough to hide it in the event that the po pull ya over.

4. Make the white guy do most of the driving if that's an option. Racial profiling is real shit. Please believe.

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Was in New Orleans last week and was lucky enough to catch Lifesavas/Strang Fruit Project at the House of Blues. Fabulous show. Lifesavas rocked it hard. I'd love to see them back in Seattle soon and on the same bill as Blue Scholars. The groups have very different sounds but their honest politics strike the same revolutionary chord-what a blessing to have both in the NW hip hop scene.

Posted by Appreciative | June 9, 2007 12:36 AM

Sorry about your written warning. Glad y'all didn't get a ticket though.

Passing Cops is the worst. Gotta act like you meant to, gotta act like you are just doing your duty as an observant and careful, law abiding driver who is staying with the flow of traffic.

I try to find a pack of people to latch onto. If 3 cars are going 90, is the cop going to pull over all 3?

Be safe out there. Good shows to you.

Posted by trent moorman | June 9, 2007 11:13 AM

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