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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Circus Tonight @ Pony!

posted by on July 26 at 14:00 PM

Tonight is the debut of a new dance night at Pony, everyone’s favorite gay hole (in the wall). The night is called Circus, and it features not one but three Line Out bloggers on the decks—DJs El Toro (aka Kurt B Reighley), Heavy Mental Army (aka Terry Miller), and TJ Gorton (aka, well, TJ Gorton).

Circus will be a night of lesser known disco gems—you will not hear “It’s Raining Men” or “Disco Inferno”—you will hear plenty of true school disco, Italo oddities, and sneaky re-edits. Terry also mentioned something about hot pants, moustaches, and Sandra Bernhardt, but I have no idea what he was on about. To get a taste for what you might hear tonight, check out Terry’s Musical Life and these mp3s from American Athlete:

Mascara - “Baja (Instrumental Dub Remix)”

The Popular People’s Front - “I Love Only You”

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