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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


posted by on August 28 at 10:42 AM

Kazu Nomura is PWRFL POWER, an honest, funny, and entertaning singer songwriter that pens songs about F-U-N-K and throwing tomatoes at girls who don’t like him. He’s currently on tour in Japan, and he’s going to check in every two or three shows to give us updates on how the trip is going. Here’s installment #1:


PWRFL POWER hallucinating

This is my tour diary from my second Japan tour in this year. After 9.5 hours of airplane ride, I was at Narita Airport. A temperature was literally 100 F.


Nightmare back in May

My first show was on the very day at Muryoku Muzenzi in Kouenji Area (maybe Capitol Hill in Seattle?).

The owner of this place played at my last show back in May and I was afraid of him playing again this time. At the last show, he spent 30 minutes singing about eating pussy. Serious. That was the most disgusting set and he also said he wanna be a cat because cats do it fast.

mew mew mew

He didn’t play this time. Instead two fine acts; Marchal no Neko and Mamekko played. Mamekko is just one guy and didn’t have front teeth due to his thinner sniffing habit.

After the show, I stayed with a friend of “Kadocchi”, a leader of Marchal no Neko. His friend was a tall guy with purple-ish hair and lazy eyes. He told me to call him “Mempis.” I asked why Mempis, which is obviously not a Japanese name. “I used to live in Memphis when I was six and always spelled it wrong. Without H. So my friends called me Mempis.” As we talked, I found out he doesn’t have a job and he talks to his grandma when he needs some money. Also, he play drums in some group that is releasing a vinyl on Holy Mountain.

A noise woke me up next day. Someone was packing stuff at 8AM. It was a guy in blue shortpants and a white T. “Why is this 50 some years old man here in the Tuesday morning? He is supposed to be working right now.” It turned out he’s Mempis’s dad. “Oh, you live in Seattle? I lived in Memphis with my family!”

I knew it already.

He gave me a little talk about his life in USA and how he was a buddhist going to a church. “Thus, Catholics are poor and Protestants are rich. You should know.”

He concluded.

I took another plane ride and got to Sapporo. Sapporo beer!
My show here was at this awesome venue called Spiritual Lounge.


Shinbo-san runs the venue.

It’s a little cozy place with an audience with good ears! After the show, I took a train to hometown, Asahikawa…

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mew mew mew? gross!

Posted by Tacocat | August 28, 2007 2:45 PM

what's wrong with 30 minute songs about eating pussy?

Posted by kira fuckin' yahtzee | August 28, 2007 4:41 PM

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