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Friday, September 7, 2007

2.27.05. Today I didn’t do anything. I went to dumbass work. Came home and fell asleep.

posted by on September 7 at 13:06 PM


Ben “Snakepit” White has been keeping a cartoon journal of his life for years now. It’s a “reality” comic in every sense - every day he does three crudely drawn frames of things that happened to him and chooses a song as it’s representative soundtrack. He does the same things most days: goes to work, gets drunk, gets stoned, practices with bands, kisses girls, eats burritos. His life is slightly more interesting than a normal person in that he is in bands that go on tour and put out records (he’s the bassist of J Church, Party Garbage and Bloodbath and Beyond, as well as being the original bass player for the Sword). There might be pages and pages of strips that read like this: “Went to work. Hung out with Greg. Got really stoned.” “Dicked around at work. Ate some tacos. Went to Sword Practice.”


There’s no story to be followed other than what some band dude who lives in Austin, TX does day to day, which might seem boring, but actually turns out to be engrossing. Everyone has a friend like Ben, or is like Ben themselves, so it’s pretty effortless to relate to his comic. There’s no pretension to his strips - he’s just a man with all his glorious imperfections trying to have a good time. There’s something refreshing about a guy who’s willing to put every part of his life onto the page, whether the stories are mundane or hilarious. His new collection My Life in a Jugular Vein from Microcosm Publishing spans the last three years of Snakepit’s life. It’s amazing to think of all the things you’ve done in the last three years, and how if they would have been compiled daily into a volume like White has done it might actually be a good story, banal minutia and all. In perfect “get to know me” form, the book comes with a mix CD compiled by Snakepit to be played “loud and drunk.” Check out Microcosm’s website, they’re putting out a lot of cool stuff lately.

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"Sat around the apartment, went to band practice, shotgunned some beers with Elija behind the QFC and gave each other high-fives, walked towards home, smashed Jeff Kirby's lawn furniture against the side of his house on the way."

Posted by Horsewash | September 7, 2007 5:24 PM

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