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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bronze Fawn - Lumber

posted by on September 18 at 12:13 PM


If you’re into the “turn it up and get lost in it” vibe of interesting shoegazy instrumentals, then you’ll warmly welcome Bronze Fawn’s new album, Lumber, which is in stores today.

My favorite track is “Lumber” (but “Thumb Puppet” is a close second). The title track sounds like spring in an alternate universe—somewhere where spring consists of mechanical blooming flowers, metallic raindrops, and robot ants talking to each other about taking over the world.

“Does This Battle Armor Suit Me?” is deeper and darker. It’s a heavy track that starts out in a downtrodden mood that struggles to maintain a silver lining. About halfway into the eight minute opus, the song’s heartbeat breaks through just before the stormy climax, and then the band takes on an Explosions in the Sky intensity, turning the song around into an empowered victory jam.

But Lumber isn’t so much about individual tracks. While some instrumental records have obvious starting and finishing points throughout (Rock Action comes to mind, even though that’s not 100% instrumental), Lumber’s tracks bleed into one another, resulting in a lengthy, seamless ride (over 45 minutes) that drifts through shifting dynamics, thoughtful electronic flourishes, steadfast drumming, and alluring guitar and bass patterns that only become evident after some deliberate dissection.

But even though the potential to mentally break down Lumber’s layers is there, don’t get swept up in over thinking it. Just turn it on and go about your day—whether your working, walking, riding the bus, or laying on the bed stoned out of your mind, Lumber will provide a stellar (and maybe even insightful) soundtrack to the moment.

Listen to songs “Lumber” and “Ten is the New Five” at

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These guys are not to be missed live. They sound awesome and have a video presentation that really enhances their vibrant music. It takes an amazing band to pull off an instrumental rock set. Bronze Fawn brings a fresh new soundscape to the Seattle music scene.

Posted by Ben Costa | September 19, 2007 5:27 AM

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