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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Decibel Download of the Day - Frivolous

posted by on September 18 at 17:28 PM

Today’s download is a two-for-one deal from Frivolous. I couldn’t find a working link to a live set (like the one he’s performing at Decibel), but I found one I can embed and a downloadable DJ set. Someone with more time could probably find a way to find the mp3 source from the embedded link.

Frivolous is the production moniker for Berlin-based Daniel Gardner. He’s known for his experimental house and techno (he makes use of some incredibly quirky vocals), but what I’d like to call attention to is his DIY ethic. If you look on his home page (in the Contraptions section) you can view some of his constructed instruments, including a washtub bass, an electromagnetic knife, and a bike powered reverb unit. Based on reports from this past weekend’s New Forms Festival, it looks like the knife will be making an appearance. Wonder if that piece gave him any problems in customs…

Daniel Gardner - House of Glass Mix [mp3]

Frivolous Live @ Cafe Moskau, Berlin [ mp3-stream]

Frivolous plays the Headfuk Showcase/DB Finale at Neumos on Sunday, September 23. With Wolfgang Flur, Chris De Luca & Phon.o, Amm, Kris Moon, and DJ Struggle.

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