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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Old World Vs. New World Pt. 5

posted by on September 27 at 14:48 PM

The Final Movement

Camille Saint SaŽns


Camille Saint SaŽnsSymphony No. 3 (The Organ Symphony) is most likely his most famous, and most important work. It showed him to be a fantastic composer of large orchestral work with knowledge of each instrument and how their sounds work together to form interesting tones and complicated structures. The work is dedicated to Franz Liszt who died the year it was finished, 1886.

The final movements, Maestoso and Allegro work as a wonderful finale to the symphony as a whole. Listen to that beautiful piano over the strings, listen to the brass with it’s strange complaining line, that gets picked up by each instrument finally being wrought out and solidified by the organ in grand guginol fashion.

The lowest notes of the organ, played by pedal, are barely audible on this track, but trust me, if you ever get the chance to see this crowd pleaser live, do it. The low notes are at such a frequency that they often make church chandeliers quiver and your seat vibrate. It’s an awesome experience!

When it finally ends on that wonderful majestic C major chord it sends shivers down the spine.

Arcade Fire


Intervention by Arcade Fire, remarkably starts with that same chord on a pipe organ. I can find no better way of ending this series, then by connecting these two pieces together to show you how remarkably well they fit. Not just in their majesty, but in their tone. This is a crowd pleaser, or it was this Monday for sure.

Camille Saint SaŽns - Maestoso and Allegro from Organ Symphony No. 3 Op.78

Ardcade Fire - Intervention

Also today, now at its end is all the songs put together for a mix. It’s about 45 minutes long. If you’ve enjoyed these posts, listen to the songs all together, especially the last two, they really become revelatory.

Old World Vs. New World Mix

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Lovely Terry.

Camille's Samson et Dalila opera always catches my attention. I'm convinced the ballet is the score that will play at the end of humanity.

Posted by Jonathan Golob | September 27, 2007 3:35 PM

Yeah, cool Terry. Great one.

Posted by trent moorman | September 27, 2007 3:56 PM

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