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Thursday, September 20, 2007

One Last Decibel Download - Jeff Samuel

posted by on September 20 at 15:02 PM

For all of the exciting music coming through town over the next few days, the one artist I’m most stoked to see is Jeff Samuel. That excitement has incredibly little to do with music, and more to do with the fact that for the months before he left for Berlin he was my regular lunch companion and we’re looking to pick that back up while he’s in town (current plans involve a tour of Seattle’s Philly Cheesesteak spots).

The less lunch-centric among you should be excited to see Jeff for different reasons. His debut album Step was well-recieved by critics when it was released, as were the singles and EPs he’d put out prior. His DJ sets pull from the same minimal sound he’s typically lumped with, but his crates have plenty of breadth, and he’s not afraid to go harder or more mellow depending on what the room can handle.

Jeff Samuel @ Ovest (Oristano, Italy) - Pt. 1 - [mp3]
Jeff Samuel @ Ovest (Oristano, Italy) - Pt. 2 - [mp3]

Jeff Samuel plays the Dirty Dancing in the Bassment Showcase at the VIP Room, Saturday, September 22. With Mike Shannon, Mikael Stavostrand, and Drumcell.

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