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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Some Last-Minute Decibel Recommendations

posted by on September 20 at 16:45 PM

Decibel is here. I make my recommendations in this week’s paper (after adding to the Flaming Lips gushfest), but I also asked some of the artists and organizers what they were excited to see - I was curious. Here’s a sampling of the responses. If you’re looking to stalk any of these people, consider this your cheat sheet.

Rebecca West (Red Pony) - Artist: Mike Shannon, Biosphere, Harold Budd & Robin Guthrie and Switch are at the top of my list.

Kris Moon - Db Staff: In all honesty, I haven’t gotten that excited about any particular act, because I’m probably not going to get a chance to see much…Speedy J fuckin’ blew my mind last year, that’s all I know…

Jeff Samuel - Artist: My nuts. And Frivolous. Not necessarily in that order. And home-baked cookies.

Patrick Hanaelt - promoter: Taal Mala - his set at Oscillate last year was off the hook and he almost won the Laptop Battle this year. Really good bass heavy,dubby electro. Very danceable but still deep.

Steven Severin - Neumos honcho: Diplo/Switch/Simian. Are you kidding me with this lineup? Quite possibly the best electronic lineup of the year. Justice is giving them a run for their money, but three, count them three killer acts. That’s what I’m saying.

Recess - Shameless: Obviously, we’re stoked for our afterparties. Knowing who the secret surprise headliners are just makes us even more excited.

Kristina Childs - Db Staff: Phon.o & Chris De Luca are hands-down the artist I’m most excited about this year. Their latest mix bridges the best of so many genres… who’d have thought top 40 techno idm crunk could ever be married in such a fun way? It’s like a funner version of Modeselektor, which is another thing I didn’t think was possible.

and keeping it real…

Adam Swan of Truckasaurus - Artist: I think I can speak for the entire Truckasauras crew when I say we are excited to not only see, but drink the free beer Neumos has in their green room.

With that, it’s time for me to step away from the computer and get down to the festivities. It’s time for you to do the same.

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