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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Beauty and the East

posted by on October 30 at 13:01 PM

barbdrive.JPGTrentalange - (pronounced Trent-ah-lahnge) is the Seattle based project of Crooked Fingers alum, Barbara Trentalange. She is out on the road for a month, taking her darkly charmed, down-tempo, trip-hop trance to the people.

She is touring with drummer Faith Stankevech as a two-piece. Faith also plays in the Tiptons and Marmalade.

Barbara checks in:

Two girls on the road here. The drives have been beautiful - Rainbows, sunsets, and rising full moons. Amber and purple streaks have crept across the sky reflecting the clouds. We’ve been driving along with our jaws in our laps.


Kansas City - Saturday, Oct. 27th - We spent the morning following directions from our GPS (whom we have given the name Guisepe, our autistic and temperamental child). The instructions promised to deliver us to a grocery store that would have lots of wholesome food. Instead, we found a building with the windows broken out.

If you get the chance, go see the band Tartufi. They are a kick-ass duo that makes more noise than a 10 piece metal band.

Chicago - Monday, October 29th - I found my favorite chocolate in the world, Moonstruck Chocolate. They have a dark chocolate with chili pepper in it. Oh so good.

Trentalange plays in Chicago tonight at Reggie’s.

Drive safe out there, Barbara and Faith. Don’t let Guisepe get out of hand. Sometimes when he says left, he means right. Oh, and can I adopt your last name?

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How do you pronounce the name?

Trent Trenalange. Yeah, get that.

Posted by BeautifulFallDay | October 30, 2007 4:07 PM

Trentle Trent Trent-ah-lahnge.

Posted by Artis | October 30, 2007 7:02 PM

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