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Saturday, October 27, 2007

More on the Meneguar Show

posted by on October 27 at 12:55 PM


I unfortunately missed Police Teeth’s set last night due to my shitty job (the one that pays me money, not this one), but made it just in time to see Talbot Tagora. I’ve been trying to see them live for months now, but always miss their set due to them playing before I get off work, or them getting stuck in traffic and canceling the Block Party. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard a live set quite like what they do. The two guitars are a swarm of discordant noise, finding melodies in bizarre combinations of sound. There’s probably not a proper name for the genre that Talbot Tagora is playing, but their sound exists somewhere between Nels Cline’s dissonant jazz and Sonic Youth’s distorted rock-outs. They are playing some of the most honest, original sounding music not only in town, but anywhere. Though often jarring and abrasive, their sound is so unique I find myself inextricably drawn towards it.


Emo-hardcore is a slippery slope, and too often during their set I found Elphaba sliding down the mountain. Remember 10 years ago when the phrase “emo-hardcore” meant an entirely different thing than it does now? None of that singy-part, screamy-part back and forth that all the teenagers lose their shit for now, I’m talking about good old 90s brand emotional hardcore - that’s what Elphaba is playing. They’re not trying to be the Blood Brothers, they’re trying to be Vade, but they’re not quite pulling it off. I found that the heavier their stuff was the more I liked it, and there were moments during the set where everything seemed to come together perfectly, but then it would end or change and the suspension of disbelief would cease, and I would once again be patiently watching instead of enjoying.


Megan covered Meneguar’s set pretty exhaustively, and I agree with what she had to say: It was truly an excellent performance. They had more energy than I ever would have guessed from their albums, and it was infectious - especially the for the one guy losing his shit the entire set standing in the front. Meneguar proved that they are not just an indie-rock band, but a rock-rock band, adding huge intensity and building several songs into amazing climaxes. My only beef, which I can chalk up to the lack of monitors for the performers, were the almost always out of key dual vocals. I was also standing with my ear a foot away from the PA, so that probably didn’t help. It was a great show in a great space, cheers to those who made it happen.

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