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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Poll: But How Many Fans Will Catch Them?

posted by on October 2 at 16:45 PM

Cheers to Radiohead indeed.

But how many of you are planning on paying for the new Radiohead album? And if you are going to offer up some cash, how much?

(You can leave your why/why not explanation, if you’d like, in the comments.)

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I voted $5-$9.99 before I saw the option that said "$80 for the box set," which I'm probably going to order. But if I WASN'T ordering the box set, I would probably pay $8 for the download, as that's about what I feel an album is worth with no artwork or packaging.

Posted by bunnypuncher | October 3, 2007 1:31 AM

For the preorder, I'm paying nothing. But I might order the box set as it gets closer to the date that they release it, else I will buy the album when it comes out for real.

Posted by Patrick | October 3, 2007 2:10 AM

It'd be nice if Lineout orders the record, and sends out mp3's for us to download. Radiohead are my vote for the greatest band of our generation. Spread the joy!

Posted by bonehead's girlfriend | October 3, 2007 8:18 AM

I voted $0.00 and don't feel bad, mainly because I'm the guy that has to wait generally longer and forks out the money for the vinyl. I just want mp3's so that I can put them on my ipod.

Posted by TJ | October 3, 2007 10:17 AM

I paid $8. It's clear though, from the last 10 years of the music business and from this poll, that there are a whole lotta people out there who have no trouble at all justifying theft to themselves.

Posted by rkpetersen | October 3, 2007 10:36 AM

i put 10-15, but actually i intend to pay a dollar a song, which is what it costs on itunes... so it seems like they must be able to turn a profit there, i just don't know how many songs they're will be. i want to buy it because i think this idea is AWESOME, and i don't want record execs saying, "i told you so." revolutionary.

Posted by eloise | October 3, 2007 11:49 AM

#5: Theft = stealing. Being offered a free album and taking it = not stealing.

Posted by Fyodor Zulinski | October 3, 2007 12:04 PM

the poll isn't written up right, so the results are misleading. anyone who orders the $80 box set gets the download for free next week. some people are voting for "nothing" but plan to buy vinyl. also, the minimum fee to download straight from the site is 45p (or $1), for credit card handling. so that's not entirely free. paying nothing will mean getting the mp3s from a friend or file-sharing network. i think rephrasing this poll will yield more informative results.

Posted by dna | October 3, 2007 1:29 PM

i'm paying with my ears
not my wallet

Posted by radioears | October 3, 2007 2:52 PM

@7: Yeah right, keep telling yourself that.

Posted by rkpetersen | October 3, 2007 3:30 PM

What seems most important to me is what radiohead will do next. Apparently, there are plans to release the CD. So if they have EMI/Capitol release the CD then essentially you are paying for a leak. This only seems revolutionary to me if they don't give the album a regular release or release it themselves and not through major channels. Not only that but they are asking you to download only one half of the record. Why not all of it?

Posted by BenskiBeat | October 3, 2007 3:32 PM

rkpeterson - Do you:

a. Work for a record label (if yes, sorry, dude)

b. Feel bad about stealing your family members' money around, let's say, Christmastime?

I thought about what I would've paid, estimated it at $15 for a new album, and donated it to Oxfam. Thom Yorke can afford to buy a small country if he wants to.

Posted by Fyodor Zulinski | October 3, 2007 5:10 PM

a. No.
b. I don't see that there's a valid analogy there. Radiohead is not my uncle, and there's no reason they should give me a gift.

As for Thom Yorke. Well, I personally think he's earned it. He's added a lot to the world. Unlike so many wealthy individuals. In any case, the personal circumstances of the members of Radiohead really have no bearing on whether artists should be compensated for what they create. And music stored on a hard drive or flashrom isn't inherently any different than music stored on a CD.

Some of the criticisms of this method of distribution are valid, though. I can see how one could cynically see this release as little more than a brilliant marketing move.

Posted by rkpetersEn | October 3, 2007 8:33 PM

Radiohead is Making The Album Available For Free. I just don't see how accepting it for free counts as stealing.

And as for Thom Yorke, yeah, he's earned it - and he's got it! However hardworking Radiohead's members are, Oxfam needs my $15 more than they do.

Posted by FZ | October 3, 2007 11:36 PM

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