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Posted by Aaro)))n Edge | October 5, 2007 12:44 PM

at least they're more entertaining live than people strumming downtuned notes once a minute

Posted by andrv | October 5, 2007 2:14 PM

I'm with Aaron.

Posted by bunnypuncher | October 5, 2007 2:53 PM

You really like this shite? Wow.
I guess we can disregard your opinion of the Blakes then.
Although RHCP are also shite, no doubt.

Posted by rkpetersen | October 5, 2007 4:05 PM

that's some of the wussiest metal i've ever heard. the great kat blows this shit away.

Posted by wussmetal | October 5, 2007 4:53 PM

Also, on the fast vs. slow debate: ask any drummer worth their salt and they'll tell you it's way harder to play really really slow than to play really really fast.

Posted by bunnypuncher | October 6, 2007 1:24 AM

Pretty entertaining. There's a definite craft and skill to putting something like this together I can appreciate, but I can't say I'd genuinely enjoying listening to this outside of sword fighting (which I can't see happening), or doing push-ups (even less likely).

Still, I'd take this over any of that cookie monster shit that's been happening this entire decade. Unlike growling like a bear over WHUMPA WHUMPA WHUMPA, it actually takes a ton of balls to get up there and work out a melody.

When I die, and some asshole plays this track over a montage of my life's accomplishments, I won't stay mad.

Posted by Dougsf | October 8, 2007 7:38 PM

What I want to know is who the hell filmed/edited that video? There wasn't a single good shot of the guitarists during the solos. sigh.

Posted by KS | October 9, 2007 6:11 PM

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