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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Girl Talk Murders Seattle

posted by on November 15 at 10:03 AM

Good Weather For Airstrikes has a live recording of Girl Talk’s legendary, balls-out Seattle debut at Chop Suey from January of this year. That show was insane. I haven’t seen Girl Talk since (I missed out on the Neumo’s riots during Block Party), but I can’t imagine him killing it much harder than he did that night. Here’s the setlist (as spotted by GWFA):

Girl Talk Murders Seattle:
01. “Give me like, three minutes.”
02. (Crowd Noise)
03. “Girl Talk” (Radio Chatter Intro)
04. “SPOON MAN!” (Introduction)
05. “Ring The Alarm Once Again”
06. “What It’s All About”
07. “Stuntin’ By The Lights”
08. “Doin’ It Bossy”
09. “Pump This Party”
10. “Work It”
11. “Need You To Set It Off”
12. “Loving Changes, Hating Changes”
13. “What A Fool Know About That”
14. “Kryptonic Train Ride”
15. “Whoomp Wit It, Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It” [Alternate Link]
16. “Digital Hustlin’” [Alternate Link]
17. “Run This Motherfucker”
18. “Just Need To Stay Fly”
19. “Galang-nologic”
20. “Ain’t No Other Love Triangle”
21. “Bounce That”
22. “Smash Your Head”
23. “I finally feel like I’m Spoon Man!”
24. “Nuckin, Buckin, Gettin’ Some”
25. “Lay It Back And Drop It”
26. “Pump That Pussy, Don’t Back Down”
27. “Peak Out”
28. “From The Muddy Banks Of Seattle”

(Thanks to hot tipper Sam)

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1 posted an immaculate recording of this forever ago [#]; how does the airstrikes version compare?

p.s. he also recorded the Chop Suey show. The Since U Been gone track cracks me up every time it comes up on my iPod.

Posted by josh | November 15, 2007 10:17 AM

Thanks, Josh, I never saw that. I'd wager it's the same recording...

Posted by Eric Grandy | November 15, 2007 10:20 AM

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