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Monday, November 5, 2007

Heebee-Jeebees to Bee-Gees

posted by on November 5 at 11:27 AM


Seattle soft-rockers Arthur & Yu hit the road last week for a three-week U.S. tour opening for Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene. We’ll be posting dispatches from Grant Olsen (Arthur) and Sonya Westcott (Yu) as we receive them. Here are the first…

So far we’ve managed to avoid the Cracker Barrels and Waffle Houses on the way to Boulder, CO. After a pleasant stop in Boise and a very chilly night in Cheyenne, we were ready to play our first show—especially after I had assaulted everyone’s ears with the soundtracks from Xanadu and Labyrinth.

Boulder is beautiful and we lucked out on great weather. Grant lived there before and he showed us around for a bit. Fortunately, we had some time to check out Boulder before we loaded in. Finally, we met Kevin Drew and crew for the very first time, and they seemed to be a very sweet bunch. Immediately we got down to the important subjects: Where can we eat in this town other than a burger joint? Who has tequila? And will there be a late night dance party after the show? Yes! I think we will become fast friends!

For not having played with each other for a couple of weeks, our first night went pretty well. Having family and friends in the crowd helped ease the nerves—or maybe magnified them. Whichever, it was fun. We have 12 more shows to look forward to!

Broken Social Scene presents Kevin Drew played a super great show. Even with fewer members, they sounded incredible. Faces were definitely melted. I’m still amazed that we’re on this tour and lucky enough to watch them play night after night.

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Hello Stranger,

I always feel better after the first show is done and the heebee-jeebees turn to bee-gees. As Sonya said, Boulder is old stomping grounds, which made it a big deal (personally) to play on the same stage I had watched old-whips like Lee Scratch Perry play when I was under 21. Boulder is full of friendly ghosts, one of which I made mention of before we played our song about Bull Lee—a different Lee—who lived a few doors down from the theater in the early ’90s—a ridiculous and fitting place for a dirty old man to take residence. Regardless of what Dave Eggers wrote about William S. Burroughs in the forward to his book everyone went ga-ga for, he made his way into our song and I still think there’s cause for trying to raise that ugly spirit from the dead on a dull day. It’s yet to work, but maybe we’ll give it another go in Chicago where I find myself right now, writing this dear-diary to who-knows-who, which brings me to another first: I’m just getting my feet wet in the blog pool, so I apologize if these are rough reads. I am a shit-nostalgist with ugly grammar and we’ll see how it goes.

If I’m to reminisce on anything that has happened, I would tell you that we drove through the vagrant roads of eastern Colorado into Nebraska and as we sat down to eat at a restaurant full of Budwiser-Baptists, a group of a dozen transvestites took the table across from us and we were reminded that America is not just beautiful on the outside.

Yours truly,

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Looking forward to more of these...

Posted by Ryan | November 5, 2007 9:06 PM

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