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Monday, November 12, 2007

Shaving the Mustache Was Bad Juju

posted by on November 12 at 13:50 PM


Blow-out: Off with a new tire and extended warranties, Sears waiting rooms, coffee-stained Field & Stream magazines, Buffalo, NY. Runny noses and snow in our mouths. A couple of shows that fell off with a thud, where instead of putting on the safety we would’ve been better off just shooting ourselves in the foot because there’s at least some HUMOR in that. Know what I mean?

I don’t believe in the end of the world and hopefully this is merely a funny freckle that you’re supposed to keep an eye on, call it cute, or believe that maladies breed “character” and all’s-well-that-ends-well. I told Mr. Howrey (bass player) that shaving his mustache after our first few shows would be bad juju and now I feel like I was only half joking. Gotta get out of the mojo vacuum. Heave-ho.

This is not meant to be a sad-sack letter to friends and strangers, so sorry if it sounds like it. We’ll figure it out. The answer is blowing in the wind. What was the question? How is the tour going? Really, much better than it sounds. Got good friends at arms length and we get to open for a band that makes our heads wag every single night. But we could talk about more important stuff if you wanna. Feel free to call me at 291-4089 if you’d like more. Honestly. Hope things are going well for everybody.

Take care!

Your friends,
Arthur & Yu

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Posted by Mr. Poe | November 12, 2007 9:34 PM

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