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Monday, November 5, 2007

You Gotta Do What? I GOTTA BELIEVE!

posted by on November 5 at 14:16 PM


10 years ago, I would sit with my buddy Jason, smoke weed and play PaRappa The Rapper on his Sony Playstation for hours and hours. ‘Twas bliss.

PaRappa The Rapper is a game in which you play as a little dog named PaRappa. He wants to do a bunch of stuff that seems out of his reach: beat up bullies, get his driving license, buy a new car, go to the bathroom…. And to do so, he has to rap just like his teachers in each situation. It’s hilarious and awesome. And cute as a button.

Imagine my excitement when I found out it was released for PSP last month! Whoowee! It’s got awesome extras like songs you can download to your PSP into the game from a special website you can access from your system. (Okay, the only thing different about the songs is the music, the raps stay the same).

I was never able to get very far in the original, but last night I hit the jackpot bonus! That only happens when you reach the “U Rappin’ Cool!” level of each stage. At that point, my teacher kicked down the walls of the dojo and I was able to just “freestyle” for two minutes just goin’ crazy on my PSP! I wish I could have recorded it, but this will have to do.

This person doesn’t go to bonus, but his dope beats gave me inspiration on my journey to freestylin’ as a puppy dog rapper.


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Zoh My God.

Posted by Soupytwist | November 5, 2007 10:31 PM

i will never forget the party i went to- we were eating weed cookies- when my dude paul pulled out this fucking game that had been frustrating him. we had so much fucking fun beating this game...fuck that onionhead sensei guy fucking slayed me every time!!

Posted by lar | November 6, 2007 9:50 AM

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