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Monday, December 3, 2007

Beestings and Get Dressed @ Nectar

posted by on December 3 at 15:17 PM



Get Dressed seem to be one of those bands that you really have to see live to get the full effect. There is an energy that the band exudes on stage that they haven’t been able to pin down on any of their recordings so far, mostly due to the fact that it seems watching how they are playing their instruments is almost as fun as listening to them. Both guitarists switch from strumming to intricate tapping in almost every song, using the best moments from early Minus the Bear to build melodic, high-energy rock songs. Without the technical noodling and up-tempo drumming the band could easily fall into an unfortunate slough of mediocre emo droll, but they have obviously put a lot of thought into how to tastefully ride the line of between technically and melodically impressive songs.


Where It Goes, Beestings’ debut full-length, is one of the best northwest releases I have heard all year. They are a band that is writing songs like no one else in town, mixing together the best elements of 90s indie rock like Duster, Sebadoh, and Hum, with a rhythm section that is obviously heavily influenced by everything Beatles. Beestings have figured out how to write slow songs that aren’t sad but introspective, and fast songs that build into incredible emotional climaxes, the kind that make my hairs stand on end and my skin tingle. The album will be properly released in a month or so through Modern Alchemy Records, an upstart label from Shook Ones’ guitarist Kelly Aiken. It was recorded by Harkonen and Helms Alee bassist Ben Verellen, whom as it turns out, is also a very talented engineer.


They played only songs off the new album, starting with slower tunes and ending with their big, building numbers “Living on Earth” and “Everyone We Love.” The latter climbs into an incredible finale, with singer Ross Kirshenbaum chanting “We all lose everyone we love at some point of it all” over and over as the guitars build and swirl. Between songs the band had a little trouble keeping tuning time manageable, but everyone seemed more than willing to wait. One song disintegrated after a few measures, to which drummer Greg Flores told the audience, “My mom started clapping and I got distracted.” He then let out a “Mommmmm!!!” similar to Captain Kirk in Wrath of Khan. After their closer, the audience wouldn’t let the band leave without playing at least one more song (their whole headlining set was a modest 7 or 8 tracks), the first time they had ever been cheered back to the stage, they said. They finished off the set with “The Overview Effect,” the only song that made it off their original four song demo onto the new album. Beestings are one of the best bands in Seattle, hands down. I’m sure it will not be long after their record is released that they start garnering serious attention.

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ahem, the Stranger friends' bands plugs are getting out of hand...

Posted by blind leading the blind | December 3, 2007 4:09 PM

I am friends with Beestings. I think Beestings are one of the best bands in Seattle. I am friends with lots of other bands I would not say that about, and I have no plan of doing so. Of course there could be a conflict of interest here, and there might well be. But I will stand by my words. Their album is incredible. They played a really great show. Both of those things happened regardless of them being my friends.

I guess I could put a disclaimer every time I talk about a band I know personally, but that would get old and boring fast. I am friends with some very talented people, and if they are doing something I think is awesome I will try and share it with everyone else.

Posted by Jeff Kirby | December 3, 2007 4:44 PM

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