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Monday, December 3, 2007

Things I Forgot to Mention…

posted by on December 3 at 12:54 PM

Not exactly last night, but how gay would a “Last Thursday” category tag look? TOO GAY!!1! Anyway, some things that fell through the cracks this past week:

-Mike Simonetti’s excellent Italo disco set at last Thursday’s Club Pop. The Italians Do It Better label boss busted out tracks old and new, but kept the most serenely grooving dance floor vibe I’ve ever witnessed at the usually chaotic Pop. It perfectly warmed the crowd up for Glass Candy, who delivered an excellent set of material from B/E/A/T/B/O/X and their 12”s. Simonetti’s later DJ set ramped up the energy, leaning harder on modern electro-touched tracks to the crowd’s apparent delight.

-Things I forgot to mention here about Les Savy Fav’s awesome, sold-out Friday night show: Harrington is like a perfect mix of David Yow and Carrot Top (take that as you will), a crazy-eyed, lewd, absurd, hardcore prop comic. He kept cracking jokes about LSF being various hardcore tribute bands (“We’re ‘Standing In The Waiting Room,’ New Jersey’s premiere Fugazi cover band,” or “We’re ‘Start Today,’ Long Island’s Gorilla Biscuits cover band,” stuff like that). During the encore rendition of “Who Rocks the Party/Rome,” the crowd totally eviscerated both Harrington’s stuffed unicorn and an equestrian pinata dropped from the balcony.

-On Saturday, the Coconut Coolouts and especially the Thermals inspired the most moshing and crowd-surfing I’ve seen in years. The Thermals stopped the show at one point (“It’s like we’re Fugazi”) to make sure no one was hurt or ejected from the club; security nabbed some would-be stage divers (hey, Stefan!) but missed others, at one point a guard and a kid grappled as the kid leaned backwards off the stage; security eventually had to let him fall onto the crowd). Arthur & Yu: not so much moshing, but they sounded perfectly sweet (especially “Lion’s Mouth”) if a little faint sandwhiched between such upbeat acts.

-Nothing happened Sunday, except I realized that the first time I heard the Little Ones’ “Lovers Who Uncover” probably wasn’t when Crystal Castles remixed them, but, subliminally, when watching Veronica Mars (confidential to Piz: Pitchfork is in Chicago, not New York). Anyway, so much for my cred.

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The Thermals was the top performance of the year for me. Totally incredible and totally incredible crowd. Not just the people moshing in the front either, there was sweet dancing in the back too. Silly awesome drunks in the back.

Posted by eric w. | December 4, 2007 5:05 PM

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