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Friday, December 7, 2007

Tonight in Music

posted by on December 7 at 9:53 AM


Boat, “Awesome,” Fishboy, Eux Autres
(Comet) Since our pages have already poured praise upon local headliners “Awesome” and Boat, this brief recommendation is better served touting a memorable out-of-towner opening the bill. Fishboy the band is named after Fishboy the lead singer, a bespectacled dweeb-rocker from Denton, Texas, who currently writes and performs some of the most smile-worthy pop this side of They Might Be Giants. The 25-year-old draws epic-length comic-book fliers for concerts and four-tracks songs about anthropomorphic Christmas trees and Teddy Ruxpin, but lest you think this Fish is too much “boy,” he’s gotten help from members of Okkervil River and the Baptist Generals on his albums for a reason. Fishboy comes to Seattle on the strength of his latest record, Albatross, and he’s bringing a frenzy of horns, guitars, and giggle-worthy songs in his lunchbox. SAM MACHKOVECH


Don Caballero, Enablers, Thrones
(Crocodile) There was a point when Don Caballero were one of my favorite bands. American Don is still one of my favorite albums. It’s not like their newest release, World Class Listening Problem, was a bad albumóthere’s actually nothing particularly wrong with itóbut there’s also something about it I can’t embrace. Damon Che is always going to be an amazing drummer, but it’s just not Don Cab without Ian Williams playing guitar. The original band broke up in 2000. Williams went on to form Battles, but Che started the band up again in 2003, keeping the same name but hiring an entirely new band that sounded remarkably similar to the old one. World Class Listening Problem is a good album. But it’s not a Don Cab album. And this isn’t really a Don Cab show. Don Cab broke up years ago. JEFF KIRBY


Speaker Speaker, Velella Velella, Antelope, Immaculate Machine
(Vera) Kathryn Calder has tremendous stamina. When her indie-pop trio Immaculate Machine toured with the New Pornographers earlier this fall, she was onstage during every set of the night: cofronting her own band, sitting in on accordion during Emma Pollock’s set, and working the keyboards as part of her other gig in her uncle A. C. Newman’s supergroup. Beyond that, Calder can lead Immaculate Machine through a dozen or more sprightly, catchy tunes without getting tired or tiresome, only to push it that much further with the kinda-epic “C’mon Sea Legs.” It starts slow, hits a singsong lullaby hook that repeats, builds as Calder’s honeyed voice harmonizes with guitarist Brooke Gallupe, modulates, and pretty much explodes into four minutes of repeated bliss. JOHN VETTESE

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