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Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Collection of Empty Liquor Bottles

posted by on January 24 at 9:29 AM

#7 Solo Bar//Jan 19th//Seattle,WA

I flew back in town to have a closing party for my photo show.
Palmer AK played a short set. That was the first time I saw him playing.
I played a fun short set.
It made me nostalgic to think of pictures getting taken down soon. I
sang for not only audience members but also pictures. There was no
picture of cats or cars.

After the set, 2 nice gentlemen who are lawyers gave me kind words.
“You don’t really know me but I love you, I love your music.”
“Yeah, if you ever need a legal help, we would work for free.”

One of them was a tax lawyer and the other one was a criminal lawyer.

Also, he said he will give me a ride from Sea Tac Airport.


#8 Greenhouse//Jan. 20th//Seattle,WA

Greenhouse is where Nathan, a bartender at the Showbox, lives.
He has a collection of empty liquor bottles.
He was dressing like a jesus and giving me drinks.
I told him “Jesus is serving me whisky, I feel like I am in heaven.”

Paper Whales, Little Party and Bad Business, Generifus, and Seahouse
all played excellent sets and the show was easily the best house show
I have ever had.

After the show, Jesus gave me another whisky shot. Then I went to Cha
Cha to get more drinks.

I puked in a bathroom at my friend Julian’s place. It has been a long
time since I did last time so I looked myself in the mirror and smiled.


#9 Halfway House//Jan 22nd//Richmond,VA

I had to transfer flights at Detroit airport.
I remembered the first visit to the states, I had a cup of Caramel
Macchiato at Starbucks and Florida’s Natural orange juice. They tasted
so good that I thought I would live here to drink those 2 everyday.
Now, neither of them tastes good.
I am worried for cavities too.

The show in Richmond was supposed to happen at the Camel but it got
moved to the halfway house, a small 2 stories house in a quiet

This was the first show with my touring mate “The Vonneguts” from
Portland and we played in a tiny bedroom for 9 people.

“I am sorry your first Richmond show is small like this.” someone said.

So I said “Now I play for bigger crowds in Seattle but I have played
for 3 people in the past. I have my own definition of party;if there’s
more than 7 people excluding myself, there’s a party happening. How
many people here…9…? yeah, there’s definitely A party happening.”

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These posts are so good. I love them all.

Don't worry about cavities. Just make sure you brush and floss. Maybe even gargle.

Be safe out there!

Posted by trent moorman | January 24, 2008 12:12 PM

Agreed. Thanks for sharing your tour! I insist when you return to Seattle I will actually make it out to a show.

Posted by Sara | January 25, 2008 8:00 AM

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