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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

How I Roll

posted by on January 29 at 13:18 PM

#10 The Lab//Jan. 24th//Washington DC

I was so lucky to have Bauhaus in walking distance when I lived in Seattle. Here in suburb of Washington DC, I have to walk 30 minutes round trip to get a cup of okay-tasting Starbucks coffee. That was my morning ritual for 4 days as I came back every night after Richmond, DC, and Baltimore shows.

The Lab is a new all ages space and even sound men volunteer to be there. The ex-church space has good acoustics and is appropriate for my kinda music. My set was laid back, I and audience talked back and forth. It was pretty peaceful.

A guitarist from the last band happened to know me. He plays with Travis Morrison & Hell Fighters and I opened for them once. I guess it makes him a hell fighter.


#11 Charm City Art Space//Jan. 25th//Baltimore

CCAS is an all ages art gallery/performance space located by Baltimore’s premier gay bar Gallery.

That night, I ate at McDonald’s. It was a chicken nuggets meal (that comes with a large coca cola and fries). My tourmates are both vegan and I wanted to be bad that night. Bad like Jessi James.

It was surprisingly good. Pieces of chicken were crisp, fries were crisp, and coca-cola was sensational. You can get all of these pleasure for mere $6.

Thanks for the chicken meal, I could sing louder with even more confidence than usual. I didn’t even need a PA system and sang upstairs with my tiny amp (Fender Champion 600). Everyone played in the basement. It was too cold for me to play the basement..


#12 Green Line Cafe//Jan 26th//Philadelphia

Philadelphia is magic. Every time I visit this city, it just hits me so bad. Philadelphia is deep.

We got into town around 6PM. Daniel (of the Vonneguts) wanted to take a look at this place we were going to stay. That was a 3-story house where 5 people lives. One of them was world famous “Party Steve”. I have never met anyone who parties more than he does. He doesn’t drink, doesn’t do drugs, and has 2 phones (a normal cell phone and party phone). He knows all the cool parties in town or all the cool parties want him so they tell him to come. who knows.

After the visit, we headed to Green Line Cafe. The cafe is small and has drawings by kids on the wall. The crowd was small at first but by the time I played, the house was nicely packed (still 30 people max. capacity..).

Before my set, I went to this pizza stand/deli across the street and had a slice of BBQ pizza and buffalo pizza. Also, red stripes. I watched basket ball games surrounded by 3 black men in 50’s holding 40oz. bottles of Colt 45 and talking about their wives.

When I drink a beer or 2 and play, it turns out good in general. That night was no exception. The audience (80% female) laughed at my songs, at my life, and felt sorry for laughing.

I met 2 Japanese girls, Eri and Naoko. I get excited when I see Japanese kids at my shows outside of Seattle. Later, I went to a house party with Party Steve, Daniel, and Naoko where I saw Jucifer play.

I feel like everything/everyone I dealt with at house parties in Philadelphia was lacking senses of time/colors, etc. Or they have totally new standards I am not familiar with.
A lot of kids were wearing whatever they found on the street or dumpsters. They eat stuff from dumpsters (i.e found cheese pizza) and play weird free folk jam in their living room at 2PM. One guy was dressing in a pair of pink leggings and a bright blue sweatshirt. I could see his balls. Also, I noticed a lot of people has gap-teeth like I do. Their obnoxiously colorful outfit and gap-teeth made them seem like aliens or some kind of wild animals and I felt like I was in another country.

I went to a tiny art space after the Jucifer show. The space was called Bo-Bo’s. As I enter, I saw about 7 people covered in pieces of fabric. They seemed like dresses but they were just pieces of fabric of 2 colors;Lavender and bright orange. The room was full of sage smoke (?) and one girl was lying down on the ground. I thought everyone was on LSD/Shroom but later I found out they were all sober.

This one guy kept saying illogical and pretensiouly spiritual things to me and I felt like he was fucking with me. I noticed his sweatshirt (!!) had a scorpio patch, so I told him I am scorpio asked his sign. He ignored and kept talking about out space, etc. I was bored and picked up a bunch of stuff from the ground. I happened to pick up a knife and flipped open.

“Close it! you need to close it!”

The guy got real serious suddenly, got the knife away from me and threw it away.

I wonder if he though I was gonna stub him. (u___u) no..

When I looked around the room, I notice there’s a futon about 4 feet high and an old guy was sleeping on it. The guru woke up after all the conversation.

“Hey, how are you? Did I wake you up?” I asked nicely.
“Oh, well… I was trying to sleep…but I couldn’t. I wanted to sleep so when I wake up I don’t know where I am.”

I thought that’s weird and told him when I fall asleep, I do because I know where I am and relaxed. And when I wake up, I know where I am.

The guru seemed very uncomfortable because that’s true. He has never forgotten where he felt asleep. Especially, on the stupidly high-up futon.

“Can I come back?” I asked. and everyone except him was “NO!”.

I should have told them not to fuck with a Zen-man but i just made a sad face and turned my back.

“You can come back, I can issue a ticket or something” said the old Guru.
“Really? cool! I wanna come back and wear the dress!”

He posed for a second and whispered

“Oh, I wish I could marry you.”

“Why not? let’s get married, don’t wish, just do. That’s how I roll.”

He seemed sad to see me leave and waved his hand softly.

I got out from the sage-smoke-filled room and all I could think was chicken nuggets meal.


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Oh Kaz, you can stub me any time!

Posted by Paulus | January 29, 2008 4:35 PM

Werd, duckie.

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