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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Juggalos for Obama, Juggalos for Ron Paul

posted by on January 17 at 16:59 PM


From a blog on Barak Obama’s website:

I do not intend to pretend that the Insane Clown Posse and their fans have a sort of hive mind that acts as one. With the Insane Clown Posse, and any other rap group or rock band, you get what you put into it. Many people believe that the duo of loud mouth, in-your-face clowns, are little more than shock rock gurus who have taken a disaffected youth and painted it over with their own brand of antiestablishment rhetoric. I believe this is inaccurate. It is, of course, true that the lyrics feature boastfulness, belligerence, vulgarities of every nature, blasphemy, and a rejection of all things normal, however, it is also true that the band creates a puckish satire of the problems they see in the world around them. There are many songs by the Joes that are meant to be little more than entertaining, these songs make up the bulk of their music. I will argue that the tracks that focus (directly or indirectly) on their political and spiritual views are cooperative with the goals and ideals of presidential candidate Barack Obama.

The article goes on to address the topics that Juggalos and Obama agree on: Prisoner Rights, Health Care Reform, Ending the War in Iraq, and Fighting Poverty.


I was just in Spokane this week to attend a Juggalo rap concert, and was fortunate to interview several musicians and fans about what it is like to be a “Modern Juggalo” and where their scene is headed. The Juggalos I spoke to did not express love for Obama, but rather for Repulican candidate Ron Paul. Here is a snippet from an interview I did with two Juggs attending the show:

Than: We’re not a bunch of ultra-violent piss heads, dude. We’re all fuckin’ cool; we’re all family here. We don’t fit other places, and we’ve found someplace that we fuckin’ belong.

Rufus Nusto: It’s starting to be a little more accepted I think.

Than: Either that or you can fit, but you don’t want to. You see all the bullshit.

Rufus Nusto: Ron Paul for president!

Me: For real?

Rufus Nusto: I love Ron Paul. If he doesn’t win I hope he runs as somebody’s vice president. I really hope that he does get into office, he’s got some great ideas.

Me: You agree with that statement?

Than: Fuckin’ straight up.

Rufus Nusto: Most Juggalos probably do like Ron Paul because he’s against the drug war for the most part, things like meth and crack should be busted down on, but as far as marijuana goes, real natural drugs, he’s not against that.

From background, shouted: “Marijuana is not a drug, sir!”

Four people start shouting “Herb! Herb!”

My anthropological study of the “Modern Juggalo” will appear in the coming weeks.

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I am SO not a Republican, but I'd consider voting for Paul. Unfortunately, the American political machine would never let someone like that get very far.

Posted by rk | January 17, 2008 7:45 PM

Are they throwing up the gang sign for Wigger Clan?

Posted by I'm Not Sayin, I'm Just Sayin' | January 18, 2008 8:53 AM

ron paul is the 'snakes on a plane' candidate: the internet is all about him but when he actually gets on poll ballots, no one gives a fuck. unfortunately for him, three-quarters of his voting base is holed up in the mountains waiting for "something to happen".

Posted by cosby | January 18, 2008 8:56 AM

Those guys don't hang out at the food court sipping 32oz cups of soda followed by hours of Halo and brickweed rips off a can pipe.

I can't decide if Trenchmouth Mafia on the left there is a12 year old who can grow a prison stash or the 30 year old who lives in mom's doublewide and still likes to kick it newschool with the would-be sophomores. You know that fucker has a ferret stashed out in his coat.

Face paint was raised by his grandma while his mom serves that mando minimum for the failed methlab and kid in the back still breastfeeds.

Ask me anything. I got answers.

Posted by TeH pR0F1LeR | January 18, 2008 9:02 AM

It's funny that people still talk about ICP here.. Ya best watch your back for a splash of Faygo, Kirby!

Posted by ICPer | January 18, 2008 10:14 AM

Look, I guess I'm always down for taking stabs at juggalo's. The source material has an unlimited treasure trove for humor. But didn't Vice magazine already do this last November? Didn't Line Out already bring attention to it?

Jeff, do we really have to go there?


I know you writers work very hard trying to come up with cannon fodder for us to read day in, and day out. And I don't want to just slag your efforts for nothing. But could you please go back at least six months for rehashed ideas?

Posted by godsactionfigure | January 18, 2008 12:56 PM

I'm in no way making fun of Juaggalos here. I see them as a relatively unexplored sect of underground American culture that is purely fascinating. I'm passing no judgment- making fun of Juggalos is too easy and has been done too many times. I am simply looking to understand them as a subculture.

Posted by Jeff Kirby | January 18, 2008 1:24 PM

Jeff, we had a great time talking with you, but look at the backlash already.

You're identifying the artists by their fan base, and this is just going to further sink me (us, really, but I won't speak for anyone else you interviewed) into the genre pigeonhole, that I have been working so desperately hard to climb out of.

I have been working at my craft for about 10 years, struggling desperately to be viewed as more than "a guy who can play juggalo shows"... KNOTHEAD has been on TWO formats of FM broadcast radio in the last year. Metal AND top 40 R&B/hip-hop. That ALONE proves there's a wider audience out there than "the juggalos".

You can't identify me (us) by the way 1/3 of my fanbase identifies itself.

I urge all who read this article to do so with an open mind.

If the writer defines us as nothing more than "modern juggalos", how can the reader possibly see us as anything else?

Posted by KNOTHEAD | January 23, 2008 5:29 AM

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