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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Kelly Marie - Make Love To Me

posted by on January 16 at 13:28 PM


Have you ever heard of this woman? I hadn’t. I found this single recently at Jive Time in Fremont, and upon listening thought, “Why isn’t this woman famous?” She sings as if she’s taking her last breath and gulping for air as she belts out the refrain:

Won’t you make love to me

Let it be

Set me free.

You and me

So tenderly

Make love to me!

So I went home and dutifully researched Ms. Marie, and guess what?

She is famous. In England.

How does this happen? I wasn’t listening to music in 1978 when this came out, but I can’t imagine why this woman wasn’t everywhere. She had a hit in the early ‘70’s with this guy Jim Dolan, “Sister Mary”, that was the equivalent of a Hazelwood/Sinatra duet. Only in England.

She had some big dance hits, including this one, and a great one called “Feels Like I’m In Love”, but not here. In England.

Was it something about the water, the charts, the radio? How did singers like this, groups like The Nolan Sisters, and ABBA get so famous there, and not here?

Who knows, but at least they’ve left their singles, if not their mark.

Freaky video of this song with a crazy transexual dancing next to her can be seen here.

And of course the song can be found here.

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HAHAHAHAH! You know who did a cover of this song that was released here in the States as a single??????????

Helen Reddy!

Posted by Jethro | January 17, 2008 2:08 PM

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