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Monday, January 21, 2008

PWRFL Power Tour Diary, pt. 1

posted by on January 21 at 12:00 PM


This is the first post of PWRFL POWER tour diary.
The tour started on Jan 11th and it’s about 60 shows-long.
I’ve got a macbook to blog this, hope you enjoy reading what I am up to!


#1 Island Music Guild//Jan 11th//Bainbridge Island

I took the ferry to get to the island.
It was moving so quietly, I didn’t know where I was.
At 6:15PM, I asked people around

“when does this ferry leave Seattle? we have been stuck here for like..40minutes!”

And they gave me a weird look and said

“We are already here, boy.”

1st “B” island experience, yes.
Julia, a tall young girl with glasses, came to pick me up from the terminal.
There was a basket ball game at the same night and a lot of people chose the game over me. My balls were not big enough for kids, aw.
We indie musicians should know that, in small towns, basket ball games/dance parties/meetings at churches DIRECTLY affects the draw to your show.

I met Korum, Jherek (dead Science)’s brother and we ate cakes. Actually the show was very fun!


#2 Healthy Times Fun Club//Jan 12th//Seattle

Capitol Hill’s coolest DIY venue HTFC! Shows here can’t be bad, like no way!
Baby Cakes, the most awesome protagonist, the alskas, and Everett Trust all played delightful sets.

I decided to act a little angry/sad that night, that added a weird layer to my performance and I didn’t sell that many CDs.
Experimentation is cool but looking pissed isn’t mentally and financially. Lesson learned!


#3 Le Voyeur//Jan 13th//Olympia

I got into town on Greyhound. The city was cold and so was a music room at the Voyeur.
Conclusion first—There was no one and the venue has never been good.
3 Japanese kids showed up to see me. I felt real sorry for them because their PA system is beaten up like nothing else and the room was as cold as outside.

After the show I went to one of the kids, Yuki’s House and drank Olympia beer.
We all slept there and next day, I found out a blanket I used has a lot of Elmo faces.

At Capital Music, I tried this parlor guitar made by Washburn.
$700 and totally worth it!
“I will be back from LA on monday, so call me.” This owner guy gave me a card. I looked at it and his name was printed with big bold letters; ROBERT JOHNSON





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