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Monday, January 7, 2008

Tonight in Music

posted by on January 7 at 12:12 PM


Throw Me the Statue photo by Jess Merrill

Apt. #1325 Monday-Night Residency: Throw Me the Statue, Husbands, Love Your Wives; Final Spins; the Golden Isles; the Wild Types
(Chop Suey) Capitol Hill library on a late weekday morning: A graying, stubbled man gazes out of the floor-to-ceiling windows, muttering to himself, while at an adjacent table a middle-aged woman in a tattered coat flips through a magazine and glances up occasionally to say something out loud to no one, her long-nailed hand bobbing in time with her words. The hushed unquiet is eerie, somewhere between noise and silence—kind of like the music of Husbands, Love Your Wives. The one-woman project of Jamie Spiess is gentle at first, Spiess’s acoustic strumming and plain-sung vocals subdued and soothing. But her lyrics detail a deep, strange world of candle-lit memories, impassioned tributes, disjointed parables, and Grimm-like imagery. Haunting, certainly, but like a faded rose, where there’s beauty in both life and death. JONATHAN ZWICKEL

Eric Grandy also suggested the event because it’s gonna be that good:

APT #1325 is a new idea for Seattle: One band will have a month-long residency, and play weekly, at Chop Suey. “These things happen in L.A., N.Y., Chicago,” explains booker Kris K. “I figured it was time for Seattle to give it a go.” Throw Me the Statue inaugurate the series, and their songs range from gentle electro-acoustic bedroom twee to full-bore fuzz rock. With Husbands, Love Your Wives—the gorgeous acoustic project of singer/songwriter Jamie Spiess. (Chop Suey, 1325 E Madison St, 324-8000. 8 pm, $6, all ages.) by Eric Grandy

And for you folks living down South:


Welcome to the Cinema

Siberian, Welcome to the Cinema
(Viaduct Venue) From what I can gather from the songs available on their MySpace, Minnesota’s Welcome to the Cinema are not completely innovative, but they are still pretty good. They have a sound that could either remind you a little bit of the Cure or of Interpol, depending on the song. Hell, I even heard a little Arcade Fire in the song “Sound of Thinking” (although they have this whole spacey synth thing happening that Arcade Fire don’t). The guitars are glittery at times and the vocals can have a little postpunk sass, but more often than not, they’ve got a little new-wave croon to ‘em. Tonight’s show is in Tacoma, but it’s all ages. If you’re over 21 and don’t wanna make the trip south, they’re playing at the Comet on Sunday, but the glorious Siberian won’t be joining them. MEGAN SELING

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