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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Turn Your Friends Into Idiots

posted by on January 24 at 16:43 PM

Eric’s post earlier about sleeveface got me to thinking about one of my favorite similar pastimes, Photoshopping faces onto famous people. The pic that did it for me was this one:


which reminded (and always will remind) me of a picture that Battles put up on their Myspace of drummer John Stanier:


I love doing this - especially putting my friend’s faces on people that they don’t like. Megan posted a great picture of Korn’s Jonathan Davis the other day:


and as it just so happens I have used Mr. Davis’ distinctive body for my own fun and games. First, choose the friend you want to use and get a good picture of their face. I decided to use my friend Kellen, as he’s a prettyboy and I like to ugly him up a bit whenever I get the chance.


Next, find a picture of your celebrity where their face is pointing in the same direction as your friend’s. In Photoshop, make the faces in both pictures the same size, adjust color tint and angle. Select the stamp tool, hold the alt button, and click on the middle of your friend’s nose. Find the center of the celebrity’s nose, hold down the mouse, and carefully apply your friend’s face over the celebrity. Finishing touches, like crappy mustaches, will need to be copied back over from an original copy of the celebrity pic. With some practice, you can get some pretty convincing mash ups. It’s like Girl Talk, but with Photoshop… “Girl Shop” if you will.


This is especially fun if your friend ever leaves their Myspace account logged in on your computer. Make them a new default pic and change their personal information to go along with it. Good times are had by all.

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you are kidding right? music blog..really Where is Jonathan or anyone for that matter..

Posted by calling robert christgau | January 24, 2008 5:41 PM

@1. This is funny. You are an asshole. There are at least three references to music here. JZ didn't know shit about music. Notice he is no longer the music editor?

Posted by call him already | January 25, 2008 9:53 AM

nice rack!

Posted by mm hm! | January 26, 2008 9:22 PM

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