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Monday, February 25, 2008

Baltimore and New York (M.I.A. Has Dry Hands)

posted by on February 25 at 16:25 PM

After the East Coast tour, I was supposed to spend two weeks in Oberlin,OH to practice with Capillary Action, my tourmate. However, their living situation changed, they weren’t able to host me anymore. So I was told to stay in NYC until the 19th, which turned out good. I got to spend an extra two weeks with my gf and ate bagels. Also, I got the flu.

#19 Talking Head/Feb 19th/Baltimore
I took the Chinatown bus to Baltimore. It’s a super cheap bus line literally leaving from Chinatown. It’s usually faster than the Greyhound.

There were six bands on the bill that night. Santa Dads played and everyone from Wham City, a Baltimore art-collective lead by Dan Deacon, was there. I met them for the first time in Jan. 2007 and it was so nice to see Lizz King, Adam (of Creepers), and Kevin (of Videohippos) again.

And wonderful news: M.I.A came and liked it. Thanks to the City Paper for writing about me, Diplo’s Manager brought M.I.A. to the show.

It was awesome to see someone everyone’s talking about. Her hands were dry.

#20 Inciting HQ/Feb 20th/Philadelphia
I was supposed to go to Geno’s for Philly Cheese Steak since I went to Pat’s last time but we didn’t have time.

The venue was somebody’s loft space. Nobody came. M.I.A didn’t come either.

#21 Cake Shop/Feb 21st/New York
Cake Shop! My favorite place to play in NYC all the time! I wanted to buy an electric guitar before the show but I couldn’t find a Fender Mustang. I decided not to.

The show was very fun. I saw my friend Anthony who now makes the TV show Made, Kiriko, and Ryan. Yes, Ryan from Catbird Records; it’s also a blog ( and they are releasing my EP and I made this show a CD release party.


After the set, the lead singer from Shudder to Think bought CDs from me, I wonder if they can cover one of my songs… when they tour with the Smashing Pumpkins again… (*_*).

39 more shows to go, this national tour is going to be very fun.

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