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Damn. I got a little weepy there towards the end.

Posted by Katelyn | February 13, 2008 4:52 PM

Good for him. This oughta shut the speculative haters up for at least fifteen minutes.

Posted by Explorer | February 13, 2008 5:03 PM

Not to be rude, but what's the point? KEXP is moving to NYC? Congratulations -both sincerely and cynically.

Posted by And the point is... | February 13, 2008 6:29 PM

"...shut the speculative haters up..."???

I think not. Just more fodder for da grist, baby!

Gary Gersh?!!! Fawking c'mon! You don't get much more old school mainstream, corporate music-biz than that. And did he really quote a Tom Cruise flick? Really??

Posted by KeeKee | February 13, 2008 10:12 PM

John's great, love his show. Which that much emoting going on, looks like NYC's gonna eat him and his wife for lunch. But, good luck to them anyway.

Time to hit the 'shuffle' button in Winamp, and feel even less guilt for never giving Paul Allen's little buddy a dime.

Posted by wbrproductions | February 13, 2008 11:08 PM

Parts of it sound like Dr. Bronner's soap bottle musings, and some of it makes me happy.

Posted by wingding | February 14, 2008 8:40 AM

I think it's awesome that John is moving to NY, keeping on his path to do what he loves, and making it a priority to let his wife follow her passions. He will always be successful because he plays life from the heart.

Playah hater's go ahead and stew in misery while the ambitious ones move on!

Posted by Jessica | February 14, 2008 7:36 PM

what fucking ever. dude either has the howard stern complex ('i live my live on the radio!') or shouldn't be drinking lattes after 5pm. this guy is the david horsey of dj's. good riddance.

Posted by bye bye mr seattle pie | February 16, 2008 7:48 PM

I'm gonna follow my dreams TOO!

Posted by Yay! | February 18, 2008 1:20 AM

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