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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Medford, Troy, and Buffalo, the All-American City

posted by on February 26 at 12:06 PM

#22 Oxfam Cafe at Tufts University/Feb 22nd/Medford, MA
It snowed so much today, we were skeptical if we could get to Massachusetts.

Oxfam Cafe is a part of Tufts U dorm. Their most popular menu item is a Pizza Bagel. The first band canceled, so Capillary Action played first, then me.

I usually stand up when I play but this time I sat down on a chair. After the show, we went to Nicole’s (who hosted the show) place and watched Simpson’s while eating pizza and drinking National Bohemian, Baltimore’s own PBR. We got a dozen at the Baltimore show, 6 pack=$2.50.

#23 Ground Zero/Feb 23rd/Troy, NY
GPS is amazing. You type in an address and it tells you where to go.

Today, we went to a bagel shop in Allston. “It’s the best bagel in the country,” Jon of CA said. To me, bagels taste the same and the statement sounded funny.

Ground Zero is also a basement at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute dorm. There was a good crowd already when we got there. A guy with glasses came up to me: “Hey, Kaz, do you remember me? it’s Jessi. We went to Shoreline Community College together.”

What a coincidence! Especially in such a small town like Troy (20 min. away from Albany).

The show was very fun. During the set, I asked if anyone was selling Adderal for finals and later I heard a girl sitting right in front of me was. Of course she has some, it’s a college dorm!

#24 Recess Cafe/Feb 24th/Syracuse, NY
Capillary Action headed to Canada and I headed to Syracuse. We are going to meet up in Detroit. Dirty D.

I took the greyhound from Albany to Syracuse. There was a diner in the station. I had a greasy, greasy breakfast. The diner was so ghetto and I loved it.

On the bus, a kid behind me was asking “Hey mom, there are ten hundred women in the army. How many more women do you need to have 1200 women?”


“Mom, you are SMART.”

This conversation is pretty deep. I don’t know what the heck he was talking about. Why Army? Why 1200 women? I am not a huge fan of the army, I am glad there are only 1000 women in it, not 1200.

As soon as I got to Syracuse, I bought a sandwich at Subway. I have been craving bad foods on the road, Subway, Mcdonald’s, sketchy diners, etc. When I turned around, there was a guy with bright red glasses. That was Anthony from Know Nothing. He came to pick me up.

The Recess cafe is pretty similar to that cafe on 50th and University in Seattle, one with a movie theater. There was a good mount of punk kids already. “Shows in Syracuse usually turns into punk shows,” Anthony said.

The show was fun, I played with Lemuria. They know Eric from Tacocat and we were all about Eric.

“Do you know his band the Trashies?”
“He took us to the Sub Pop office last time we were in Seattle.”
“We played with his new band that covers a Bikini Kill song.”

I asked them to take me to Buffalo from Syracuse, that way I can go to Ohio easier next day. After hours and hours of conversation on Eric and Good Will Hunting in their car, we started listening to Carissa’s Wierd. I have only heard one song on YouTube. They had 50 some CW songs on their iPod. (By the way, when I played Scrabble for the first time in my life, iPod was the only word I came up with. And it didn’t count)

“There’s a good burrito place called Super Mighty, let’s go.” I got a Super Mighty burrito and Pepsi. It was only $2.40. I noticed that eating out in Seattle is veryyyyy expensive.

I went to bed early at their place. They pay $850 for 5 bedrooms (only $700 till last month).

Buffalo, an all-American city.

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there all wonderful cities.

Posted by car community | February 26, 2008 12:42 PM

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