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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Moral of The Story

posted by on February 19 at 14:39 PM


I just put up an exclusive interview with Saigon on RaindropHustla, here’s a taste:

…One day my little brother walks in the house and he got these Kevin Garnett-sized earrings on. R Kelly joints. Big, diamond earrings. If they were real they woulda cost at least a quarter-million dollars. Iím like the purpose of wearin’ fake jewelry is to make people believe it might be real. So if you had the money to afford those earrings, you wouldn’t be livin’ in this house. He gives me the smirk - whateva. And I know he’s gettin’ that from the rap videos. I’m like look at how influential this is on my little brother, I’m schoolin’ him every day talkin’ about how fake most of these gangsta rappers are, but their influence is stronger than me and he knows what I’ve been through. Rappers are raising our kids. Rappers replaced the black father. Sad but true. You know how many young kids I know that think its cool to sleep wit’ as many girls as possible? I’m like AIDS is out there, are y’all crazy? But no its like ‘I’m a pimp, I got this many chicks duh-duh-duh-duh-dah.’ Rappers don’t emphasize safe sex; they emphasize butt-naked women in they videos. Seein’ stuff like that made me feel like if I’m gonna do this, I gotta be responsible. I can’t send kids to prison, can’t do it.

Saigon plays Neumos’s tomorrow night with Dyme Def, Cancer Rising, and Mr. Supreme.

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What a razor sharp interview. Thanks for the Saigon turn-on...

Posted by KELLY O | February 20, 2008 2:52 PM

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