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Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Dead Little Rooster

posted by on February 21 at 13:32 PM

Narcocorrido music makes gansta rap look like a walk in the park:

Popular Mexican singer Jesus Rey David Alfaro was found murdered along with his manager and assistant. Alfaro, known as The Little Rooster, and six others were tortured, murdered and pinned with messages for the Mexican army.

The musicians, who sing “narcocorrido” songs glorifying drug traffickers, were the latest murdered in the drug war between Tijuana’s main drug trafficking group Arellano Felix and traffickers lead by Joaquin “Shorty” Guzman. At least 6 other “narcocorrido” singers have been murdered in the war.

“We believe Alfaro had links to the Arellano Felix cartel,” said an official.

A note reading “You’ll be next” was pinned to Alfaro’s body. He was found in a wasteland on the edge of Tijuana. Rope marks could be seen on his neck. Officials say they believe he Alfaro was tortured before he was shot in the head.

Here’s The Little Rooster in a happy moment of his short life”

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