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Monday, February 25, 2008

The Stranger’s Musician’s Directory

posted by on February 25 at 14:55 PM


Have you signed up yet?

It’s open to all Seattle musicians—DJs, rappers, bands, solo artists.

If you already have a profile on the Bands Page, you just have to update it to be included. Click here for instructions on how to do that. If you don’t update your page, your profile won’t be deleted, but it won’t be included in the print version of the guide either.

If you don’t have a profile, it’s really easy and free to make one—click here, it only takes a few minutes.

You get 25 words to use however you wish—you can describe your sound/talents, included whatever contact information you wish (if you want to leave your e-mail out of it to avoid spam, go ahead), or give us a poem. It’s your call. Just be sure that you’re in it. If you aren’t, you don’t exist.

For more information:

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