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Thursday, March 27, 2008

KMTT DJ Leaves the Station After Being Punished for Playing Uncensored Joe Jackson Song

posted by on March 27 at 12:51 PM

It happened about a week ago, but should you have missed it, here’s the letter the Mountain’s former Sunday Brunch host, Drew Dundon, posted in his blog after abruptly leaving the station:

Dear Joe Q,

On Sunday, March 16th, I played a song with everybody’s favorite expletive included in the lyrics (by accident of course - and thanks Joe Jackson!), in doing so I signed my own pink slip. In corporate radio the F word ranks higher on the “Protect the People” scale than exposed nipple flesh simply because of it’s audio nature. As a result of my infraction I was asked to submit to a pre programmed show; instead I chose to leave.

I understand the station’s position as government fines for this kind of issue are just ridiculous - if the FCC put as much energy into keeping diversity alive as they do into policing for swear words we’d all be much better off.

Sunday Brunch was a true labor of love for me and a great pleasure to put together live each week. I want to thank all my listeners for tuning into the program and the Mountain for allowing me the freedom to host such a unique show over the years.

Music programming and broadcasting are in my blood and one of these days I’ll get back at it, either in radio or elsewhere, but first I’m going to sleep in late for a few Sundays and make sure to enjoy the experience!

Check back here again soon and I’ll let you know what’s next. In the mean time I’ll devote some web space to reviewing and recommending music here on this page.

Thanks again, see you soon,

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