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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

This Week’s BOTW: Coco Coca

posted by on March 4 at 11:00 AM

Meet Coco Coca. His real name is Danny. He’s this week’s Band of the Week.


Q: So you’re technically all alone when you record your music, right? How about when you perform live? Is it just you and a bunch of electronics then too?

A: Basically, yeah. I think it’s important to note though that a lot of my live show is sampled and looped live and I don’t just walk on stage and press “play.” I play guitar too. And that coupled with the vocals seems to keep an organic feel even with all the electronics.

Q: If so, I bet thatís sort of exhausting, huh? To control that many different layers of sound at the same time. How do you do it?

A: With my feet! Where most people stop at their upper extremities I say “fuck that, I got two more I can put to use.” After the initial looping of parts and things are playing I focus on guitar and singing and drop parts in and out with foot switches. It can be exhausting at times but the key is just to practice a bunch.

Q: Your bio says you moved to Seattle from the Midwest. What brought you here? Please donít say Nirvana.

A: I moved here to play music, mostly. It was kind of a big move for me, the furthest I’ve ever lived from home in my life… so far. I’m from Champaign, Illinois originally. There’s a pretty rad music scene there, small, but rad. Seattle seemed it would have a lot more to offer. I was in an awesome Nirvana cover band when I was 10 though.

Q: Which is harderópiano or guitar?

A: Well I wouldn’t say I actually know how to play piano, more pressing the keys and seeing what happens. Actually learning piano is still a work in progress for me. I’ve been playing guitar my whole life so I don’t really remember learning how. I would think piano would be more difficult to learn mostly because, traditionally, that means learning how to read music and that shit is impossible.

Q: What was your favorite record when you were 13 years old?

A: Nine Inch Nails, Broken.

Hear a few songs by Coco Coca:

Continents and Oceans
A Supervision for the Ages

Coco Coca will play the Cha Cha on April 6th. He’s also going to release his new album, his full-length debut titled Black Black Black in June.

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